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The Southern-Aires
The Southern-Aires were organized in 1955 at a time when a "new" music was beginning to
sweep the country.  

The music was to become known as "Southern-Gospel."  As it's popularity spread, so did the
popularity of the Southern-Aires.

The demand for personal appearances took them all over the eastern United States and into
foreign countries.

From small rural churches to large municipal auditoriums and all points in between.

The Southern-Aires:

A few noted highlights of the more than 60 years of The Southern-Aires ministry:

  •  They have recorded more than 40 albums with new releases scheduled soon.

  • They were the first Christian group to participate in a Southern-Gospel concert in Jerusalem, Israel in 1970.

  • The group has introduced numerous song to Gospel Music, including "I'll see you in the Rapture" and "I'll Never be  
the Same Anymore," which received world-wide acclaim.

While they are proud of their past accomplishments and rich heritage, they are even more excited about what
God is doing now, and into the future.  They want to see Christians encouraged and the Church strengthened so
the community can be reached for Christ.
Wanda Webb:
Wanda is Darrell's
wife.  She has been
traveling and singing
since her teenage
years.  Her
enthusiasm and her
interpretations of the
songs make her a
favorite everywhere.
Darrell Webb:
Darrell has been
traveling and singing
since childhood.  His
resonant, rhythmic
voice is widely
recognized by his
peers and is
everywhere the group
Dall Miller:
Dall is a 6
0 year
veteran of Gospel
Music and the only
remaining original
of the group.  His rich
baritone voice blends
to form the group's
four-part harmony.
Sam Gabbard
Sam began singing in church at
about 5 years of age.  He grew
up singing in the choir in church
and school.  Gospel music is
his passion and he feels that it
is God's way of using him in
ministry.  He is 2
5 years old and
married to wife Kim and they
reside in Milord, OH with their
hree children Mary, Isaiah and